Which shoe designer designed the best and most timeless shoes?

There are a lot of different styles of footwear that are worn by celebrities and we’re sure they’ll be the same in their own right, but what about when it comes to the best shoes that have been created by the most successful designers of all time?

Here are our picks for the best-crafted shoes ever created.


Adidas Air Max X – “Made for the Run” by Adrian Pappano, 1993The adidas Air Max x was the first shoe to be created by Adrian Prano.

It was originally called the “Air Max” and the company also developed a line of “Speedball” sneakers.

Adidas’ Air Max sneakers were introduced in the mid-1990s, and their range featured the first time-tested technology.

They were initially limited to only 1,000 pairs and sold for $500.

The shoe is an absolute classic.

“The sneaker was a response to a sneaker revolution in the 90s that made running look so cool,” Pappanoes son told the New York Times.


Nike Zoom Air Max by Nike, 1993″When we came up with the Zoom Air we had a great deal of experience in running and we were really excited about how the technology was going to change running.

It had a super high energy factor and we felt like Nike wanted to make sure they got their best athletes in the right shoes.”

Nike also created the “Zoom Air” sneaker that would later become one of the most iconic shoes in sports history.


Adidas “Dynamo” Sneaker by Adidas, 1993At first glance, this might not seem like a shoe that would be suitable for every athlete.

But it did exactly that, and in the early 1990s it was a huge hit with runners.

A lot of runners were looking for the new sneaker because of the energy factor it provided.

However, there was a downside to the sneaker.

It had a tiny tongue that was only 7mm wide, which meant it would get caught on clothing.

This meant that runners couldn’t wear the sneakers without a tight fitting shirt.

Nimble trainers would soon follow.


Nike Air Max 1 by Nike – 1992″This shoe was the one that got me started running.

It’s a little bit more casual but it has all the attributes of a running shoe.”

A pair of Air Max1s was the inspiration for this classic adidas sneaker, but they were limited to just one million pairs and had a price tag of $2,000.

They were later upgraded to “Dramatic Speed” sneakers and sold out within days.


Adidas Zoom Air X1 by Adidas – 1991″I started running when I was seven.

I was a very athletic kid, and I had to do things like run up stairs and cross streets.

I remember going to school and going to the local gymnasium and having to wear my Nike Air X 1 because they were just so small.”

Admittedly, the sneaks weren’t designed for runners, but the technology they were based on was so innovative that it caught on in running circles.


Nike Flyknit by Nike; 1988″The Flyknit is my favorite Nike shoe.”

The Flyknit was the shoe that got Nike into the running world.

Its innovative material was known as Flyknit, which is a blend of cotton and polyester.


Adidas ZX Runner 2 by Adidas; 1989″The ZX is my first adidas shoe.”

It was the ZX that got my feet rolling and was the basis for a line that became the ZO and the Air Zoom, which are still a big hit today.


Nike ZX Run – 1990″This is my second adidas run shoe.”

The first ZX ran for about two hours before going into the back pocket of my sock.


Nike “Luxury” Sneakers – 1990The Nike “luxury shoe” was a collaboration between Nike and British fashion house Louis Vuitton.

You can see this adidas ZX shoe in action in the following clip: 10.

Nike Xtreme “Ultra” by Nike | 1991″It’s my second shoe.”

Nike’s first Ultra was a limited edition.

It only came with 10 pairs, but sold out in two days. 

It was also a collaboration with the British designer Stella McCartney.


Nike Run Trainer by Nike| 1992″I love it.

I love it.”

The Nike Run trainer was the brainchild of Nike designer Scott Borland, and it was created in response to the success of the Adidas “Tango”.

“I remember having a meeting and being told that Nike had this shoe called the Run Trainer and that it was really great,” Borland told the BBC.


Nike Boost by Nike: 1989″It was the only shoe that really

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