Why you can’t hear the difference between ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Star Trek’ movies

This is a post from the archives, a time when we weren’t sure what the difference was between Star Wars and Star Trek movies, but now it’s clear that there is.

Now, if you can hear the sound of a Star Trek movie, then you’ve heard enough.

And the differences are more pronounced in the original Star Trek series than they are in the new films.

For instance, Star Trek: First Contact, which is set in the future after the events of Star Trek III, is much more reminiscent of the original series than the new film is.

The differences in tone and music The tone and tone of most of the Star Trek films have changed, but the music has remained the same.

The music has stayed the same, and the sound effects have changed too.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, the film that follows the events in Star Trek IV, was the first movie to change the sound and tone, and it was a departure from the tone and sound of the previous film.

“I think they really took that [Trek] tone and made it very different than it was,” said Michael Sullivan, who wrote the music for First Contact.

“It was a very different story, it was different than the original.

That’s something that was done, I think, in the direction that they wanted to take it.

So it’s really the tone, the tone of the music, that really distinguishes it.”

When we look back at the original Trek films, it’s easy to forget that the tone was a little different.

The original series was a much darker and more mature series.

The films have a lot of violence and gore, and there are some major characters who die, and even a major villain who dies.

But the tone is very much in line with the original and the tone that was used.

The tone was very much the same when it was released in 1983.

“There’s a sense of nostalgia and a sense that it was just a different time, and they were taking their cues from those older films,” said Sullivan.

“The tone was more of an adult story, and those older characters were coming off of a very, very dark period.”

The tone of some of the new Star Trek TV shows is even more different than what the original had.

Star Trek: Discovery is a departure, as are Star Trek Beyond and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

But they are still all very much rooted in the tone from the original films.

There are also some new elements to the original movies, like the use of “fear” to describe emotions, as opposed to the more common use of fear of what is unknown.

For instance, the use a lot in the film is of the classic Star Trek phrase “what the hell are you doing?” and “you’re trying to kill me,” which is very similar to what was done in the novelization of Star Wars.

Also, the Star Wars series was set in a galaxy far, far away, so it’s difficult to imagine that the Star War films were set in that universe, said Sullivan, so why would they have changed anything?

“That’s not true.

It’s true that the original trilogy was set so far away from Earth that it had a lot to do with the mythology of the galaxy,” he said.

“So if you’re going to set something in that galaxy, then the new trilogy is going to be very, much more focused on the story of the characters in the series.

They’re going for the characters of the franchise.

It really is an adaptation of the films.”

You may be wondering why, if the tone in the movies was so different, did the tone shift in the TV shows?

Sullivan believes it’s because the tone had to be different to get people to like them, and to keep people coming back to the movies.

Sullivan also thinks it’s due to the fact that the shows have so many different worlds.

In the first Star Trek, the original movie, the planet Vulcan was home to humans and the Klingons.

Nowadays, it is home to several different races.

There’s even a Klingon colony in space.

“You can’t really imagine, as an audience member, that you’re not going to come back to a new Star Wars movie because there’s just so much that’s happening in that series,” said Jake Johnson, who played the character Rom in Star Wars Rebels.

“I think a lot has changed about how people view the universe and the characters that they interact with, but I don’t think they’re going away from it.”

So, the differences in the way the tone has changed between the original TV shows and the films is something that many people will never understand, but it is the storytellers and actors that will.

If you’re still in the dark, then it’s worth it to check out the latest installment of our Star Trek blog series, The History

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