A fashion designer from Tel Aviv’s West Bank who says she was abused by the army

A fashion stylist who claims she was raped by the Israeli army and beaten by soldiers after she refused to wear a burqa in public is to be prosecuted in Tel Aviv, a senior prosecutor said on Friday.

Nidal Shukri, 31, said she was in Tel Beni, a town in the West Bank city of Ramallah, on July 5 when she was kidnapped by the forces of the Israeli military.

She was released on the condition that she wear a headscarf and wear the headscarves of the Muslim faith, according to her lawyer, Shmuel Shukrip.

The case has become a rallying cry for Palestinians who say the army has committed acts of violence against them in recent months.

Last week, Shukrrip said Shukrilis lawyers had filed a complaint against the army.

The complaint alleged that Shukris lawyers had been prevented from accessing the soldiers files.

Shukrri’s lawyers said she had been threatened by the troops, who said she must remove her burqa to avoid “unnecessary” violence.

Shakir Abu Eisheh, a lawyer for Shukrin, told Al Jazeera the case had become a political statement and that Shufris family would continue to demand that she be freed.

Shufri, who is married to a fellow soldier, told her parents she was not wearing the burqa.

The military denied the allegations, saying the military would respond to any allegation made.

“We will always defend ourselves against all charges that have been filed against us,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Benny Gantz, the military spokesperson.

“I am sure we will not allow the Palestinian people to be humiliated by the false accusations of the Israelis,” he added.

Israel and the Palestinian Authority have been negotiating a framework deal to end the two-year-old conflict that has killed more than 1,100 Palestinians and wounded more than 2,400.

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