What the new ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ is about for Season 2

Crazy Ex-girlfriend Season 2, which is scheduled to debut on HBO in October, is about to get some major new characters, as executive producer Jenji Kohan revealed to EW that the new season will have “more queer and trans characters.”

Kohan revealed that the writers have been “working hard on new stories and stories about queer and transgender people,” and the writers will be tackling a “really exciting new story line” in the season that will “set up what we’re all about in Season 2.”

The new season, which will be the first of the new show to premiere on HBO, will also have a “big new season of queer and [transgender] people, and we’ve really got a big queer and genderqueer cast of characters, which we’ve worked really hard on,” she said.

“We’re really excited to bring them into this story.”

In the first episode, “The Last Song,” the two new characters — and the first gay couple in a show that’s set in the same universe as Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black — are in the midst of a fight over whether to join the New York City police force.

In the new episode, we see them on their way to a diner with their new friends and former lovers, and when the cops arrive, the cops get more than they bargained for: the diner is now the scene of a major murder.

The New York Post reports that the first season will feature a “strong queer female lead, a gay male lead, and a gay transgender character,” with Kohan confirming that the show will focus on queer and non-binary characters.

(HBO has also confirmed that the cast is all straight.)

“We are really excited that we’re going to be able to tell stories that are about gender, queer, and trans and not just the one-dimensional, straight white male protagonist,” Kohan said.

While the first two episodes are set in New York, “Crazy” will expand to Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, New Orleans, Houston, Los Angeles and more.

It’s set to premiere October 2 on HBO.

The new cast also includes “new faces,” including Rachel Bloom, who plays Rachel Bloom; “Jane Doe,” who plays Jane Doe; and the new lead character, Kari Wahlberg.

(Wahlberg is also returning for the new seasons finale, which premieres October 13.)

“The show is about queer women and queer women of color,” Krieger told EW.

“It’s a show about love and it’s a queer-centric show.

It does have some queer women who come into the show and some queer men who come in.”

In addition to queer women, Krieer said that the series will also feature “very, very strong and diverse women of colour.”

She said that queer women are “very often the only people who are allowed to go to queer spaces in this city, and it really, really changes how they look and it changes how people interact with them and it can change how they feel about themselves and how they see the world.”

The show also will feature an “all-trans cast,” with the showrunners revealing that they “want to bring a little more diversity” to the show.

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