When your kids make fun of your art

Posted October 07, 2018 12:00:16When you’re working on a project, your kids might be able to give you some pointers or help.

When your children make fun, it can get annoying.

So how do you deal with the constant bullying that comes from your kids?

In the end, it’s about acceptance.

“I’m going to say to my kids, ‘No, you don’t like my art.

That’s not okay, and if you want to see it, go ahead,'” says artist and mom of two Katie Schatz.

She says her kids understand that sometimes it’s best to accept it.

Schatz and her husband, musician David Stowe, have a three-year-old son, Daniel, who is “really into making things and toys.”

Daniel loves to create, and Schatz says he enjoys it a lot.

But, she adds, he can be a little self-centered.

He also sometimes feels entitled to his toys and makes them feel like he owns them.

Schatz said her son was not allowed to play in the backyard when she took him to the park with his dad last summer, but now he’s allowed to go to the playground.

“We’ve been really accepting of it,” Schatz explains.

“I mean, he’s so into making it that it just goes to show how much of an artist he is.”

The Schatzs say they also have a little girl, Bella, who’s been a big part of her family’s creativity.

“She loves to do things,” Schats says.

“So she is a little bit more accepting of that than I am.”

For Daniel, Schatz recommends asking your kids to help you design a toy or project for your kids.

She also says it’s a good idea to find a creative outlet with your kids in your house.

Schats recommends getting them to paint, draw, and make art in a sandbox or in a room.

You can even ask them to create your own artwork, so you can see them making things.

“My kids are amazing at this,” Schitz says.

Schitz says it can be hard to get a creative partner to help create a toy for your child, because your child might be overwhelmed by the project and won’t understand the rules or guidelines.

“You want them to understand that they’re responsible for the design, and that they have the final say in what goes on there,” she says.

You might even want to use a digital or iPad to design the toy.

“It’s so easy to forget about making art with your kid when you don’ have the tools to do that,” she notes.

But, there are some creative parenting tips that Schatz suggests.

“Sometimes it can make things easier to get through the process.

Make a list of all of the rules, and then just say, ‘Okay, what are you going to do with it?'” she says, “Then they can take a break.”

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