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Creative science is the art and science of creating and sharing ideas, stories, and art with others.

It’s a creative and entrepreneurial skill that can help to solve some of life’s problems and make our world better.

This article was originally published in Creative Science World School, a series of blogs dedicated to the topic of creative science.

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Creative Science – A Guide to Creative Science, from the book by David Allen, edited by James S. Johnson and Jeffrey M. Schwartz, is available from Amazon.com.


Creative Technology: How to Start a Business with Creative Technology, from James S, Johnson and Schwartz, (2008), is available at Amazon.co.uk. 3.

How to Create an Online Product that Can Change the World, by J.S. Johnson, (2002), is published by The Art of Human Communication Press.


How To Write an eBook About Your Business or Job, by James M. Johnson is available in many eBook stores and can be purchased from Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iTunes.


The Creative Science Journal is a resource for those who want to find the latest news and best-selling articles in the field of creative sciences.


Creative Technologies – Creative Technologies, edited, by Stephen F. Cohen and James S., is available on Amazon.



Creative Schools – Creativity Schools, edited and translated by Randal J. Hochman, is an online magazine published by Creative Science Press.


Creative Career: A Handbook for Creative Entrepreneurship, by Susan F. McAllister, is a reference for entrepreneurs and others who want the most from their career.


Creative Tech Tips: How To Become More Creative with Technology, by Kevin T. Coughlin, is the most comprehensive resource for the creation and application of creative technologies in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.


The Creativity Institute, edited By James S.- Johnson, is based at Stanford University.

It is one of the largest creative technology and education organizations in the world.


Creative Arts and Crafts: An Illustrated Guide to Crafts and Artifacts, by Mary Anne Hockenberry, is also available from Barnes & Nobles.


Creative Education: The Art and Science of Creativity, by David A. Smith, is published online by Creative Strategies Press.


The New York Times Bestseller: Creative Thinking: How Creativity Creates and Transforms, by William S. Gilbert is available online.


Creative Life, by Linda Zink, is one half of the award-winning and bestselling creative life and culture series.

It provides the readers with a roadmap for discovering and creating new ways to live creative lives.


The Crafts of the Craft: How Artists and Craftspeople Create, by Margaret A. Baughman is a book by the author that provides an in-depth look at how creative people create and share their work.


The Artful Designer: How A Creative Designer Builds a Beautiful Home, by Elizabeth M. Farrow, is another book by Farrow.


The Modern Artist’s Guide to the Craft, by Anne M. Poulson is a guidebook for the craft of writing, drawing, and painting.


How Not to Be a Designer, by Michael Bostwick, is not only a great guide to becoming a designer, it’s also a great tool for those interested in becoming a craftsman.


Creative Living: A Book for Creative People, by Lisa A. Coyle, is about the craft and the art of living and creating in a world that’s more creative than ever before.


The Complete Art of Creative Living, by Amy L. O’Neil, is designed to make people more aware of the creative aspects of their lives and their creative lives, and the power of creative thinking to improve and expand the lives of others.


Creative Skills and the Creative Arts, by Karen J. Brown, is more than a book.

It contains the most complete, in-demand, and comprehensive guide on creative skills, a comprehensive reference book for anyone interested in the creative arts and the creative life.


The Book of Creative Life: A Complete Resource Guide to The Creative Arts for Everyday Life, is your guide to the art, creativity, and creativity of life.


Creative Ideas: A Beginner’s Guide, by John W. Allen, is intended to be a reference and reference guide to help anyone who is interested in creative ideas become a more creative person.


Creative Media, by R.J. Smith and D.L. Cote, is our book of the year.


Creative Minds: The New Encyclopedia of Creatives, by Richard J. Pritchard, is out

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