‘It was a really big deal’: Audience reaction to ‘The Man Who Loved Me’

An audience of more than 4,000 at Sydney Opera House was given the chance to hear the musical version of The Man Who Love Me, an Australian classic that was a surprise hit when it was first released in Australia in 1966.

“The audience was amazing and it was a very, very big deal,” the composer and conductor, Robert Wilson, told reporters.

The song, which Wilson performed at the Sydney Opera Theatre in 2012, became an international hit in Australia, becoming a favourite for many Australians, especially those in the entertainment industry, who were familiar with the song.

It became a hit in its own right, but Wilson’s original version was played in Australia on stage by a group of musicians, including the late Tony Benn.

“It was very, really cool to hear that music,” Wilson said.

“I’ve never been so happy.”

The Man who Loved me was performed on stage at the Royal Opera House in 2016.

Credit:AAP Wilson’s first version of the song was played by a small group of Australian musicians in Sydney in February 1966.

The original recording of the original Australian version of ‘The Woman in White’ was recorded by Wilson’s son, John, and recorded in August 1966.

John Wilson’s version of “The Woman In White” was performed at Sydney’s Opera House on February 25, 1966.


In February of last year, Wilson and his son returned to Sydney for another concert and recorded a new version of this song.

The two versions of the Australian version were performed on Australian television, and Wilson was asked to play the original version on stage.

Wilson said that his son recorded the original versions on the phone, and that the recordings are available on his website.

“He was actually very helpful and was very willing to play them,” Wilson told reporters, adding that the two versions were recorded on different recording equipment.

The Australian version has been played at the Opera House since 2014, and was the first of three concerts the Opera Theatre did in Australia.

The Man in White was originally performed in the Sydney Theatre in Australia from January to March 1966, with the Sydney Concert Theatre recording the original in July.

Wilson told the Sydney Morning Herald he thought the original concert would be the “perfect fit” for the opera house.

“But it’s been great fun to hear them in the Australian way, I think it’s a great fit for Sydney,” Wilson added.

The concert was also a big hit with audiences, with more than 500,000 people tuning in to the performance.

The show has been performed in Australia every year since.

Wilson has also played the song at Sydney Symphony Orchestra concerts.

Wilson is the son of Australian composer and music conductor Tony Benn, and the composer is also the composer of the Broadway musical The Man From Oz.

In the late 1960s, Benn was the composer for the musical, which was directed by John Huston.

The musical won an Academy Award in 1962 for best musical.

In 1972, Benn passed away.

In 2008, Wilson performed the Australian versions of his son’s and his wife’s original versions of The Woman in Whose Eyes I See Stars in Sydney.

Wilson, Benn and the other musicians were all born in Australia and had roots in the country, which has its own unique musical traditions.

Wilson says that the song resonated with people when it first appeared in Australia “I think it has a lot of resonance with people from different parts of the world.

I think there’s a big Australian musical tradition that can be heard in all these places.”

Wilson has played the music at Sydney Theatre since 1968.

Credit and play the Man in Whoses Eyes I see Stars on the Opera.

In a statement to the ABC, the Opera said: “The Man In White is a wonderful and timeless song.

“Tony Benn, John Wilson and the Sydney Symphony played a version of it in Sydney Opera Houses in 1966 and again in 1973.” “

Wilson said the Australian musical was “a great, big deal”, adding that it would be “an honour to play it again in Sydney”. “

Tony Benn, John Wilson and the Sydney Symphony played a version of it in Sydney Opera Houses in 1966 and again in 1973.”

Wilson said the Australian musical was “a great, big deal”, adding that it would be “an honour to play it again in Sydney”.

Wilson said he hoped that people from around the world would continue to hear his son and the musicians’ original versions, and also his son-in-law’s version.

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