How to take a jab at Trump, the RNC and the alt-right with an alt-left joke

A viral joke about the GOP establishment is making its way through the alt right, where it has been shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media.

“I like to say this joke is like the alt left: it’s not a joke,” the Twitter account @AntifaTheRight posted in response to the joke on Tuesday.

“It’s a real thing that happened on March 3rd, and it was a real threat to the security of our country.”

A video posted on the account features Trump supporters talking about the threat, saying they would have done “everything in their power” to prevent it from happening.

“We did everything in our power to protect our country, and we have a great chance,” one of the Trump supporters says in the video.

“The alt-lites want to put the country at risk.”

“There are people that think we’re going to be taken out,” one person responds.

“You better be ready.”

The account is not the first to have tweeted about the March 3, 2017, threat, but the original one, posted to Twitter on March 2, 2017 is the first time the hashtag has been used in a viral form.

The meme was widely shared online, drawing on the Trump campaign’s slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

The meme itself originated on 4chan, a message board and discussion forum for racist and misogynist groups.

“This is a very disturbing time in our country,” the 4chan user “tokensr,” who goes by the handle @TokensRacism, wrote in the meme’s description.

“In addition to the president and his surrogates, we see the alt media and many people on the left.

The alt-lite is out to get us and we’re getting them.

This is a message for the people that are on the side of the truth.”

“I want to say that I love you all.

I’m sorry we lost the election, but I love all of you.

I just want to apologize for this.

I hate all of this stuff, and I want you to know that,” he added.

The account has since been deleted, though its creator has remained active on the platform.

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