Creative birthday gifts: The police officer who wrote the first birthday gift

It’s been a long year, but there’s one day in the life of an officer that stands out.

It’s been five years since that officer was shot and killed by a gunman on the job.

It’s the anniversary of his death.

Officer Darren Wilson was shot in the face while on patrol with the Lakeview Police Department in December of 2015.

The shooting was captured on video.

His death sparked a national conversation about race relations and police misconduct.

The officer’s widow and daughter spoke publicly about their grief and the aftermath.

It was then that we heard about the police officer that wrote the birthday gift that would one day change the lives of everyone who knew him.

Offical Jeronimo Yanez, 29, is now a police officer in Ohio.

Yaneguez wrote the gift in response to a birthday card sent by his father, Darren Wilson, that included a note.

“Dear Officer Darren, thank you for being my best friend.

You have been my best buddy my whole life.

I love you and I will miss you every day.

Please write a birthday gift to honor your birthday.

Thank you,” the note read.”

It’s hard to imagine the emotions you went through at the time, but I’m going to write a thank you note to my father for the time you spent with me and my family.

I am going to tell him how much he meant to me, and that it’s really meant a lot to me that you’ve been a good friend,” said Wilson, who is black.

The letter was delivered to the LakeView Police Department by his mother, Donna Yane.

The note has been read by dozens of people, including family members and fellow officers.

In the video, the officer can be seen handing Yaney the note.

Yanez was an off-duty Lakeview officer and worked as a patrol officer for more than a decade.

In 2014, he was promoted to sergeant.

It was a promotion that he held for the next three years.

During that time, Yanegs family received support from several organizations, including the Greater Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association.

A number of officers and former officers who worked with Yaneks family spoke about their support for the officer.

“We had all been very supportive of Darren Wilson’s family,” said Captain Joe Vitt, the LakeVIEW’s commander.

“It was not uncommon for Darren to get a lot of grief.

But as a police family, it was something that was very close to us.

I think that was a part of what he did for his family.”

During the holiday season, the police department received more than 60,000 messages from people thanking Yanezes family for supporting their fallen officer.

Some of the messages included a card, a handwritten note, and even a photo.

“You are always my friend, officer, and it’s my hope that this will be a special day for you and your family,” one woman wrote.

Yanes’ note also includes a video of him in the police academy.

“In the days that followed, I learned that the life that I lived is a blessing.

Thank You,” he says in the video.

The video went viral.

It has been shared more than 9.7 million times on Facebook, and has been viewed nearly 8 million times.

On December 4, 2017, the family of the officer wrote a thank-you letter for Yaneys service.

“Our love and gratitude to you and our loved ones is what you are truly remembered for,” the letter read.

The note was also sent to the family and police department.YANEZ’S OFFICER DAYSIn the years since Yanezon’s death, the outpouring of support has been overwhelming.

He has received thousands of messages of support from officers who are still grieving the loss of their loved ones.

He is also receiving support from the local and national media.

“To all the officers, officers of all colors, I would like to say thank you,” said Officer Michael Brown, who was shot by a police chief in Ferguson, Missouri.

“Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and love.

You are truly the best of the best.”

The Lakeview police department also received a letter of appreciation from the Ohio State Patrol.

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