How to save the Palestinian arts from destruction

As the conflict in the Middle East continues to escalate, many of the arts have been damaged, looted, destroyed or even turned into a breeding ground for extremist groups.

And while some of these are being repaired or even revived, there are still areas where art remains under threat.

While the arts and crafts industry is thriving in Israel and across the Palestinian territories, it is also at risk of being severely disrupted.

In a bid to protect its creative economy, the Israeli government has been actively seeking ways to make sure that the Palestinian art sector is not impacted by conflict.

One of the strategies that has been put forward is to protect the Palestinian artists and to ensure that they are not destroyed.

This article was first published on The Jerusalem Times.

It has been updated with the latest news.

The Palestinian Authority has also been taking steps to protect artistic assets, but many of these measures have been criticised for being too timid and lacking transparency.

One such example is the construction of the Jordan Valley Bridge, which was first announced in 2015 but has now been delayed due to security concerns.

It was designed to provide access to the Jordan River from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip.

The PA is currently facing a $1.5 billion deficit, which is not enough to meet its obligations.

According to the PA, the construction was planned to be completed by the end of 2018, but the deadline has been extended.

This delay is not only concerning the PA’s budget, but also the livelihood of thousands of Palestinians who depend on the tourism sector for their livelihood.

The construction of this bridge will significantly increase the PA budget deficit and will cause significant disruption for many Palestinian artists.

Artists such as Muhammad Abu Zeid and Ibrahim al-Husseini, both of whom are from the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, have been working for years to secure the bridge.

They have been demanding that the PA stop the construction and instead start with a comprehensive plan for rebuilding.

The Israeli government is now calling for a comprehensive reconstruction plan, but it is unlikely that the plan will be approved by the Palestinian Authority.

Instead, the PA is pushing the construction along with a series of other measures that will significantly slow the process of reconstruction.

The situation has become so bad that many Palestinian artisans are considering leaving the country.

One such artist is Mohammad Abu Zeida, who has been working in the Israeli-occupied West Bank since 1995.

He has been able to remain in Israel thanks to his family’s business.

However, since he returned to the West Banks in 2018, he has been forced to leave Silwan and to the outskirts of Jerusalem.

He is not the only artist to have had his livelihood threatened.

The PA is also planning to build a new bridge over the Jordan.

This will also greatly impact the livelihoods of Palestinians in the Jordan valley.

Abu Zeid, the leader of the Silwan art collective, says that the construction in the West Jordan Valley is not just a threat to his livelihood.

The plan to build the bridge over Jordan has also had a negative impact on the Palestinian community in the Silwans area, where a number of Palestinian artists live.

According of him, the crossing of the river is one of the main sources of livelihood for the Silwa community, which consists of Palestinians from the Jordan and the Israeli occupied territories.

He said that this crossing will increase the tension between the two communities and would cause more tension in the future.

As a result, he and his family are considering moving back to the Silwas and moving out of Silwa altogether.

He says that they have not had any offers from any parties in the past few months.

He does not think that he will ever be able to return to Silwan.

Despite the PA having promised to build bridges over the border, there is still an ongoing conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians in Silwan where hundreds of people are displaced each day.

There are currently hundreds of Palestinians living in Silwa who are facing daily threats from Israeli forces.

The government has promised to rebuild the bridge, but in reality, it has already begun construction, according to Abu Zead.

In response, he says that he has received death threats and that the police have been shooting at the people of Silwan.

He also says that many Palestinians in his community have been left homeless because of the ongoing construction.

He believes that the current construction will further aggravate tensions between the Silwalan community and the PA.

He also says the Israeli army is not willing to abandon the construction, despite all the threats.

Abdallah al-Qurashi, a Silwan resident who has spent more than 30 years in Silwanas refugee camp, told Al Jazeera that the Israeli occupation of the West Wall is a form of apartheid and that Israel is trying to erase the Palestinian identity.

Al Jazeera spoke to al-Saqira al-Tahtani, a lawyer who has represented several Silwan residents.

He explained that the building of the bridge

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