4 Things You Need to Know About Being Creative in 2018

I’ve always loved writing and drawing and this year I am truly excited about getting started on my career.

There are a ton of great resources out there, but I thought I’d share some of my favorite creative inspiration to help you jumpstart your creative journey and keep you motivated.


Make Your Own Design from Nothing (Free) Make your own design from scratch in no time.

Learn more about it here.


Learn to Make a Tattoo in 10 Days (Free or $29) This is a free tutorial to help learn how to make a tattoo.

Learn about it in this article.


Learn How to Draw a Dog in 12 Days (FREE) Learn to draw your own dog in less than a day.

Learn it here .


Build a Creative Career with This Book (Free), Get a copy of this book free of charge.

Learn how to create your own business and career in just 12 weeks.


Learn the Art of Creative Writing in 12 Weeks (Free).

Learn how writing can be a life-changing experience.

Learn this from this article and get your copy of the book free.


Get a Free Art Book from Design Bazaar (Free): Get a free copy of Design Bazar’s Art Book by the day.

This free guide to the craft will guide you through the basics of creating your own art.


Create Your Own Personal Painting in 10 Minutes (Free)(Free) Get a painting done in under an hour.


Find Your Own Selfie (Free, Free, Free): You’re free to create or share an image with your friends.


Create a 3D Digital Drawing in 20 Minutes (FREE): Learn how you can create a 3-D digital drawing in less time than you need to make it. 10.

Start Your Own Business with This Free Guide (Free)–Learn the basics and start your business.


Get Your Own Paint Brush in 12 Hours (Free with a Credit Card) Start your own paintbrush in less then 12 hours.


Get Started with Painting in 20 Days (free)(free) Learn how much you’ll save by starting your own painting business.


Find the Perfect Color for Your Makeup (Free)—Learn the color of your Makeup, how to apply it, and how to choose the perfect color for your face and nails.


Learn Your Favorite Colors (Free); Color Picker (Free; Free): Learn the best colors for any occasion and use them on your nails.


Get Personalized Gifts in 30 Days (20% off): Save $20 off any purchase at The Art of Personalization with a free gift in your inbox.


Learn To Paint in 60 Days (10% off) (free): Learn all the skills you need for the art of painting in just 60 days.


Get Free Gift Cards from Discover (Free ): Discover gift cards for your favorite products.


Learn Every Painting Technique in 60 Minutes (free, 10% off)(free): The Art Of Painting in 60 days will teach you every painting technique, from painting the right color to color correcting the wrong colors.


Get Paid for Every Painting You Make (Free–Save 10%): Get paid every time you paint with Discover.


Discover a Color from Every Color in 60 Seconds (Free)-Discover color combinations in 60 seconds.


Learn All About Color Correcting Techniques in 30 Minutes (20%) (free) Discover a color combo that’s perfect for any application.


Learn Colors in 60 Years (20) (10%) (20): Discover color combinations from the 60s to the present.


Get 30 Free Craft Ideas in 30 Seconds (20-day free trial): Get 30 free craft ideas to share with your friend and family.


Get Craft Ideas for Kids in 30 Months (20)-(30-day trial): Discover the magic of a new craft you can start today.


Get $25 Credit Card from Discover for Your Craft (Free if you sign up within 30 days of sign up): Get $5 credit card with a $25 sign-up bonus for a $5 purchase when you sign-in with a Discover credit card.


Get FREE Gift Cards for Any Gift in 30 Years (Free within 30 Days): Get an additional $10 gift card for a single purchase of any item you purchase with a purchase of $25 or more.


Get 5 Free Craft Materials in 30 seconds (Free for every 30-day period): Get 5 free craft materials for $5 or more when you spend $5, $10, $20, or $25 on a single craft purchase.


Create an App in 30 minutes (free)–Create an app in 30 hours with an iPhone or iPad.


Create and Share Your Own 3D Art in 30-Seconds (Free

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