How to be creative and smile more confidently – and more confidently in public!

Creative smiles are now standard in many countries, and have even been encouraged in some schools.

But what’s it really like to be a creative smiley face?

Is it really as easy as you might think? 

First things first: you might be surprised to find that, yes, being creative is as easy or easier than you think. 

You might not know what it means to be “creative” but, if you do, the answers will help you find the confidence you need to make the most of your life as a smiley smiley. 

What is a creative face? 

If you’re still struggling to find the right word to describe your smiley, here’s what we can tell you. 

It’s a way of looking at the world. 

When we smile, our eyes do the work of the brain, helping to process and remember things. 

And, in turn, the brain is designed to process those things.

This is why it’s called the “sensory pathway” of the eye and the “motivational pathway” (the pathway that leads to feeling happy). 

If we smile when we’re happy, we’re feeling happy.

If we smile too often, we may feel sad. 

The process of smiling is called the smiley-motivation pathway. 

But why is the process of a smile so important? 

Creative smiles are all about changing the way we view the world and ourselves. 

This is because being creative can change how we see and feel. 

If a smile is a way for you to see the world in a new way, you’ll find that it makes you feel more positive. 

How do I feel when I smile? 

When you smile, your brain creates a new mental image of the world around you.

The image, called a brain map, helps you remember what you see and how you feel.

When you’re happy and your brain is focused on what you’re seeing, you feel positive.

When your brain’s focusing on what it’s seeing, it’s less likely to be motivated to create a new image and, therefore, less likely a smile. 

Research has shown that the process the brain goes through to create this mental image can have a big impact on your mood. 

That’s why you might feel like you’re smiling more frequently when you’re feeling more happy. 

So how can I make a smile my own? 

You can start with a smile that feels natural and natural for you.

You can try different types of smiles and choose one that suits your personality and wants. 

Then you can work on making it your own. 

For example, you might try using your smile as a tool to get a good laugh. 

Or you might use a smile to make a point, or express gratitude or feel a sense of belonging. 

Finally, you can make your own smiley by trying out your own routine or even a technique. 

Find out more about the emotions of creativity in our new series,  How To Be Creative, on BBC iPlayer, for free. 

(Image credit: YouTube)If you want to learn more about creativity and happiness, read the latest news, read about new research and explore how the UK is changing the face of wellbeing.

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