What are the top 10 creative fabricas in the world?

The top 10 Creative Fabricas in The Middle East, including Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Israel, are listed below.1.

Damascus, Syria.

It’s the capital of Syria, and the second-largest city after Beirut.

The capital of Damascus is a hub of cultural activity in the country, home to the largest museum and a number of cultural institutions.

It is also home to a number or cultural institutions that showcase and promote Syrian art and culture, as well as the Syrian flag and other symbols.

It has also emerged as a center for the cultural arts, and an important centre for the Syrian diaspora.2.

Beirut, Lebanon.

The city of Beirut has been a major centre of religious and cultural life in the Middle East for more than 1,000 years.

Since the 1980s, the city has been home to several important cultural institutions, including the Louvre, the Sorbonne, the National Museum, the Syrian Academy of Arts, and several other major cultural institutions as well.

Its reputation as a cultural centre has also attracted visitors from around the world.3.


The Syrian capital is the third-largest and largest city in the Arab world and home to many of the world’s largest museums and cultural institutions and sites.

It also hosts a number historic sites, including Damascus Cathedral, the Great Mosque of Damascus, the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Tomb of the Prophet Muhammad.

The Great Mosque, which has been the site of many of religious festivals and festivals since the 11th century, was built by the Islamic scholars who founded the city.

It was also the seat of the first Syrian Islamic state.4.


The Holy City is home to both the Dome of the Rock and the Western Wall.

The Old City is a historic and symbolic centre, as it is one of the holiest sites in Judaism.

Its ancient ruins, which were built to protect Jewish religious and historical heritage, have been the subject of numerous archaeological digs.

It features in the UNESCO World Heritage list for the second time.5.


The Jewish people founded Palestine in 1948 and have lived in it ever since.

Its main cultural and religious heritage centres are in Jerusalem, where the Old City of Jerusalem is the capital and the Temple Mount, where Islam is the holiest site in Islam.

Its cultural and historical sites are scattered around the country.

It borders Israel, which was founded in 1948.6.


Iraq is home of the Tigris River, which separates it from the Euphrates River.

The Tigris flows through Nineveh and the Ninevah region, and flows into the Red Sea.

It flows through ancient and modern Iraq.

It contains large and ancient cities that are also popular tourist destinations.

Its borders with Syria and Iran are also a source of friction with the United States, which considers the Tigri River to be the Tigray, a part of the Red Nile.7.


Lebanon is the fifth-largest country in the region and has a large population.

Its capital is Beirut, and it is home country to the Lebanese army, the Ministry of Defence, the Lebanese Air Force, the Royal Navy, and many other military and civilian organizations.8.

Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Iraq.

The Palestinian territories have been under Israeli sovereignty since 1967, and Palestinians have been living in the territories since 1948.

Palestine is a sovereign country, and its borders with Israel, Jordan and Syria are not recognized by the international community.9.

Lebanon, Jordan.

The Lebanese-Jordanian border is the most important boundary in the northern and eastern part of Lebanon.

It divides the two regions of Palestine into the north and the south.

The border is controlled by Jordan and the Lebanese government.10.


The largest city of Syria is Damascus.

Syria is the seat to the capital, the seat for government, and also to the National Council and the National Guard, which are the armed forces of the country in Syria.

Its national flag is red, and there are various flags and symbols of the Syrian people.11.

Lebanon and Jordan.

Both countries have long been part of Israel, and both have the same national flags and colours.

Israel also has a diplomatic presence in the two countries.

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