How to change your name

For many of us, the name is what gives us our identity, but for some, it is our life’s work.

Here are five ways you can get more creative with your name.


Change the spelling of your first name, and change the spelling too.

If you have a middle name and you are married to someone else, you will probably be able to change the middle name to your partner’s name and get married without the hassle of changing the spelling.

If your first and middle names are the same, you can change the first name to someone’s name (or even a name that is not the same as your partner name).

This is also useful if your name is shared between two people.

The new name can then be changed to something different.

For example, if you are both from the same village and you share the same surname, you could change it to the village name, or if you share your partner and you use a middlename, change the name to something that is less common.

If this sounds like too much trouble, try writing the new name on a piece of paper.

This can be done in any colour you want and it is not considered offensive or offensive-sounding.

If it sounds too complicated, try changing it to a different spelling.

You can also choose to write the new spelling on a postcard with a picture of the new-name, so it is visible to everyone.


Change your name if you have more than one.

This is usually not a problem for the majority of people, but if you do have multiple names, you may need to change them if one doesn’t fit.

There are many different options for changing your name to make it more inclusive.

If someone you love has a first name that doesn’t match their partner’s, try using the surname you share with them.

You might even want to choose a different surname for your partner.


Change any spelling.

The word ‘mother’ is not a very common name, so many people have a surname that is very similar to theirs, including some people from the village where they live.

If possible, make a note of this so you can update it when you change your first or middle name.

If people have two surnames, they should both change to ‘mummy’, ‘baby’ or ‘mum’.

If you don’t have a name, you should be able, by choosing a new surname, to change a spelling or two.


Change a surname or change a birth name.

There is a lot of confusion around whether people should change their names or not.

For some, changing their name to reflect their gender identity is not an issue, but you should consider changing a surname to reflect your gender identity, such as ‘she’, ‘his’ or even ‘she-he’.

This is because most people do not know that this is a common practice.

If, however, you do not think that your name or gender identity will change, consider changing your birth name, which could be your family name or simply your name given as a birth surname.

If a person’s surname does not match their gender, it could be a good idea to change their name if they are transgendered, which includes being both male and female.


Change names for someone with a disability.

Many people find it difficult to make changes to their names because they don’t think it is appropriate to change what they have already had.

It is also easier to change an existing name if it is shared with someone who has a disability, such the blind, deaf or blind person.

If the person is a child, it can be helpful to consider changing the name of a child who is blind or deaf so that they can be included in their birth name and given a name they can identify with.

For people who have a disability or are unable to use their preferred name, they may be able.

If so, you need to consider how your name will be used, as well as what will be included on your birth certificate.

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