How to get the most out of your Instagram account

We’re all aware of the ways that people use Instagram to post photos of themselves to share with their friends and family.

They may even have an Instagram account that they can share their content with.

But how do you make sure your followers know about the content they’re sharing?

And why?

Read moreIt’s no secret that many of us like to take a break from our digital devices when we’re not working out or exercising, and many of our favourite Instagram accounts have Instagram Stories.

But there’s another way to keep your followers entertained, and that’s by using Instagram Stories as a place to share your favourite content.

And the perfect Instagram Stories appWe’re all familiar with the Instagram Stories feature, where you can create and share your Instagram Stories stories on a particular device or app.

But what if you’re not sure what kind of content you want to share?

With a little creativity and a little imagination, you can add a whole new level of content to your Instagram stories, and it’ll all be so much more engaging and memorable.1.

Select the type of contentYou can create your own Instagram Stories, but you’ll need to create a new account in order to upload new content.

You can choose between Stories that are all about fitness, and others about your favourite sports or celebrities.

You’ll also be able to create videos that will let you showcase your creativity.2.

Select how many of your followers will be able see the contentYou will need to upload more than just your own photos to create Instagram Stories on a device or an app, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend hours on a separate account.

The new feature lets you share your content with as many of the following: followers of your profile, followers of friends or family, followers from your business, and followers of influencers.3.

Select your favourite appYou’ll need an account on Instagram to upload your content, so select the type and location of your favourite Instagram Stories profile, then choose the app that will upload the content to it.4.

Select where you want your content uploadedThe app you select will also upload your video content to Instagram, so you can make sure the content is up to date and doesn’t contain outdated images.5.

Upload your contentThe next time you’re on Instagram, you’ll be able choose to upload the contents of your new Instagram Stories account, which will automatically be added to the account of any followers that follow your profile.

This will let your followers see your content and add their own to your feed, so they can see the new content as well.

If you’re lucky, your followers might even share your new content with them.6.

Make your content even more personalBy adding your own content, you’re letting your followers show you their appreciation and admiration for your work.

This is important for Instagram Stories because your content is meant to be shared with the community.

You need to keep a high standard for your content in order for your followers to understand and be inspired by it.

So make sure you’re sharing the most important bits of content with your followers and not adding anything too distracting.7.

Share your content on your profileYou can share content from your profile on any Instagram account you own, but make sure it’s appropriate for the kind of story you’re planning to share.

You may want to use a hashtag to promote your story, or a caption to highlight important details in your content.

If your post is just a small snippet of your content that you’d like to share to the wider Instagram community, be sure to link back to your story.

You can also use the share feature to share content with other people, such as by creating a video and then posting it to Instagram.

You might also use Instagram Stories to create hashtags for specific groups of people, or to create groups of images that are shared with a hashtag, for example.8.

Edit your Instagram storyAs soon as your story is uploaded to Instagram Stories you’ll see a notification that lets you edit it.

This will allow you to update your story with any of the most relevant details, including any pictures or video that you’ve added to it, to make it better suited for your story or for a particular Instagram account.9.

Share with friends and followersThe Instagram Stories team are also working on adding a feature where your Instagram Story can be shared on social media accounts, so that you can share it with your friends and loved ones.

However, we’re yet to see any details about how this will work or what it will entail.10.

Use Instagram Stories in a variety of waysWe’ve written about how Instagram Stories can be used for creative purposes in the past, and now we’re happy to share more of the tools you can use to share Instagram Stories content.

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