Which games will be the next big IPs?

The first wave of games coming out in 2018 will be pretty straightforward: AAA games like Destiny, Call of Duty, Titanfall, and Destiny 2.

Then, there will be some more niche offerings, like indie games like Pixel Perfect, or small projects like the upcoming The Walking Dead: The New Frontier.

But the big hitters will be next year, when we get to see some of the next wave of indie games.

The biggest games of 2018 are still in development, but there are a few that are already shaping up for a big release this year.

That includes Horizon Zero Dawn, a game that was announced by Ubisoft on the first day of E3 2017.

This game, like most of the first wave, has a lot of fans, and it has been making the rounds on the social media platforms for a while.

The first trailer for the game shows off some impressive visuals, and the game has already gone through numerous updates and patches to fix some of its problems.

Horizon Zero, though, is more of a game than an actual game.

Ubisoft is making a new IP in this genre, and Horizon Zero is the next in a long line of Horizon games to come out.

Horizon is a story-driven survival-horror game, which means the story is told from a character’s point of view.

The game will be set in the year 2166, which is some 50 years after humanity’s colonization of Mars.

In the future, humans have gone back to colonize Mars to try and survive.

When the colonization plan goes awry, humanity is trapped in an underground bunker with no way out.

A massive robot named Sky Hunter is searching for a way out, and he’s been hunting Horizon.

Horizon’s protagonist, Sky Hunter, is a man who finds himself trapped in a bunker that’s also his home, which has the capability to send out a massive pulse wave, which causes the bunker to become filled with energy.

If the player kills enough enemies, Sky gets stuck inside the bunker, and becomes invincible.

If he’s rescued, Sky can get out.

The story in Horizon is set in a post-apocalyptic world, and Sky Hunter finds himself in the city of Largo, which he is able to navigate through.

Horizon will also be the first game to have a co-op mode, which lets players play as two characters at the same time, and in the game, Sky’s friend, Alex, is the only other player.

Horizon, which was announced last year, has been a favorite of many, and Ubisoft has promised a lot more from this game.

It’s looking like this game will come out in October, which should make for a very exciting time.

If you’re looking for a Horizon game this year, you should definitely check it out.

For a more in-depth look at all the games coming to E3 2018, check out Polygon’s full schedule.

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